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The Center for Cultural Humility (CHUM) is a person-centered training center that is cultivating interest, affirmation, and support between people from different cultural and social backgrounds. CHUM is the largest of its kind, operating across the world. we provide rigorous cultural engagement programming for researchers, clinicians, administrators, businesses, community stakeholders, and the general public. We offer four tailored, evidence-based trainings that focus on generating cultural responsiveness in research, practice, and policy. This includes robust trainings for: Cultural Humility, Anti-Racism, Trauma-Informed Care, Restorative Justice, Community-Based Participatory Research Design, and Citizen Science. Additionally, we provide a ”Train the Trainer” training, providing the knowledge, tools, and resources that you need to deliver the core dimensions of our trainings.

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“When Indigenous people call for truth telling, it is within a framework where every single time we tell the truth, it is drowned out by mainstream media’s determined maintenance of the narrative of white benevolence.” – New article from Nat Cromb:

OPINION: “The Newsom-DeSantis debate showed the ‘war on woke’ isn’t going away. Here’s why that’s a good thing,” writes Jerel Ezell, an assistant professor in Community Health Sciences at the University of California Berkeley.

What does #antiracism really mean? A unlike asking someone to simply ”not be racist” (which is kind of lazy), asking someone to be ”anti-racist” encourages this person to proactively work against racism as it manifests. | More at #culturalhumility

When we say we don’t like someone, we associate it with one or two “observable” traits, like the person’s race or gender. But there are many more complex things – beyond race and gender – that contribute to what we like (or don’t) about a person. More @

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