Community Partner Matching

Meet Your New Equity-Building Partner

A central focus of CHUM’s engagement model is making tight linkages between individuals, groups, and organizations who care about social, environmental, and health justice and equity. Our program participants and supporters come from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds, and we fundamentally believe that all of their efforts can be significantly advanced through humanistic collaboration with those who are not readily like them. However, finding partners for justice and equity endeavors is not always a seamless and straightforward practice, often due to a lack of clarity on what exactly people/organizations do, what they have to offer in terms of skills, resources, and human capital, and what their short and long-term goals are. Leveraging our deep, ever-evolving professional network and expertise in relationship-building, our Community Partner Matching service aids you in identifying, cultivating, and sustaining these relationships.

Throughout all phases of CHUM’s unique vetting and match-making process, we focus on finding clear compatibility in consideration of all involved parties’ strengths, needs, goals, and interpersonal dynamics. We utilize creative, thoughtful approaches to identify partners and also devise strategies to create collaborative terms that will be mutually beneficial and outcomes that will be impactful. At a deeper level, our focus here is on how to make your collaboration effective, transparent, and ultimately sustainable. Whatever your purpose is–perhaps applying for a foundation grant or developing an oral history project–we can help you strategize with you and find the right interpersonal or inter-organizational fit.

Who’s this for?

Academics (staff, faculty, and students at educational and research institutions), clinicians, community organizations, businesses, policymakers, citizen scientists


In-person; also available via videoconferencing (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.).


This is an ongoing service with no timetable. The duration of the matching process is dependent on the types of partnerships being sought, outcomes of interest, etc.

Ready to begin?

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