A Practical, Flexible Training on Anti-Racism

Anti-racism is an active, ongoing form of resistance used to problematize and eliminate racist beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Acting as both a belief system and a practice, anti-racism is a pivotal approach to identifying and invalidating the mentalities that drive racial inequities in education, employment, healthcare, criminal justice, housing, and that reduce people’s self-worth and sense of belonging. Given the highly entrenched and durable nature of racism (and the recognition that racism is not limited to or against any one racial group), anti-racism asks us to be earnest and direct in our efforts to generate and sustain racial equity. In other words, unlike asking someone to simply ”not be racist,” asking someone to be ”anti-racist” encourages this person to proactively work against racism as it manifests.

CHUM’s two-day Anti-Racism Training focuses on the core dimensions of anti-racism without engaging in academic virtue-signaling and grandiose tropes about racial harmony. To accomplish this, we focus on the roots and foundations of racism and the various real-world consequences of racist views and actions, while then concentrating on practical anti-racist approaches. More centrally, we focus on the ”how” of racism. Racism manifests in everyday contexts through unconscious and conscious bias, and via microaggressions–these are complex (often overly theoretical!) dynamics that we unpack in the training. Using a layered, non-judgmental approach that begins with the premise that everyone has, or has had, racist thoughts and behaviors, this training gives trainees humanistic, applied approaches to recognizing and understanding racism and what it looks, sounds, and feels like–and then shows them how to adopt and execute anti-racist principles. Importantly, this training also considers the roles of gender and class in (anti-) racism. Particularly valuable for individuals working in multi-racial environments, but also uniquely valuable to individuals working in less racially diverse spaces, this training will position participants to go out into their workspaces and communities as non-performative activists and practitioners of anti-racism. Participants will be given an Anti-Racism Training Certificate and may be eligible for Continuing Education credits.

In response to the current conflict in Palestine, please note that we have augmented our training to include practica on Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism.

To aid in their anti-racism journey, after completing the training, trainees also can join our “CHUMMIES,” a virtual de-stressing and cultural exchange group that is offered bi-weekly via Zoom. CHUMMIES brings together trainees and practitioners to engage in practices of self-care and self-reflection in the realm of cultural responsiveness.

Our Anti-Racism trainees also have access to ”tokens,” our cultural humility currency that provides access to resources such as Anchors – confidential one-on-one 30-minute consultation sessions with a CHUM team member to discuss a specific case or issue that you\’re confronting professionally or personally.

Who’s this for?

Academics (staff, faculty, and students at educational and research institutions), clinicians, community organizations, businesses, policymakers


In-person; also available via videoconferencing (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.).

Length of Training

8 hours, with condensed 6-hour and 4-hour versions also available + optional 6-Month “refresher” session | “Train the Trainer” also available

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