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Train The Trainer

Get Accredited: Expanding and Building Internal Capacity

As a supplement to our six core trainings for Cultural Humility, Anti-Racism, Trauma-Informed Care, Restorative Justice, Community-Based Participatory Research Training, and Citizen Science, we offer an extensive, hands-on ”Train The Trainer” (TTT) program to educate and propel individuals interested in becoming trainers, using CHUM’s evidence-based models and approaches. Our TTT program, centered around building and sustaining institutional capacity for professional development, consists of three didactic sessions spanning 10 hours, with a comprehensive shadowing cognate of roughly 20 hours that is meant to expose and orient trainers to the conduct of live in-person or virtual trainings. Focusing on motivational interviewing techniques, our TTT program prepares professionals from healthcare, education, social services, business, faith-based organizations, and beyond to deliver our trainings to audiences with varying levels of readiness.

Provided virtually or in-person, our TTT program covers the three dimensions of CHUM’s training paradigm: 1) content curation and tailoring, 2) interpersonal presentation and engagement, and 3) program monitoring and evaluation. Individuals who complete the TTT program are awarded a “Cultural Humility Trainer” accreditation from CHUM, and may be eligible for our advanced ”Recommended Trainer” designation. These trainers will also gain access to CHUM’s outreach and engagement protocols and evidence-based training guides, all of which they may use to curate their own trainings.

Who’s this for?

Academics (staff, faculty, and students at educational and research institutions), clinicians, human resources professionals, community organizations, and businesses seeking to scale trainings related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in their organizations


In-person; also available via videoconferencing (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.).

Length of Training

2 Days (5 hours each day | 10 hours total) + Required shadowing and field practice (approximately 20 hours), so 30 hours total. Note that completion of the shadowing component may take up to three months.

Training Cost

To maintain the integrity of our content, we are independently funded and operated based on fees that we receive from our trainees. The cost of the training is dependent on the nonprofit/for-profit status of the individual or organization and the size of their training group (if applicable). Please inquire below when you are ready to begin.

Ready to begin?

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